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My webpage title sounds like a proper company name, however this is just my hobby right now. Perhaps, one day, I am going to set up my own company for party services or cake baking, who knows…

I love baking cakes, tarts, tray-bakes, cookies as well as making open top sandwiches and starter bites for party’s, get-together’s, birthday parties, celebrations and just for coffee or tea time.

I would like to have introduced and made the Hungarian cakes popular , bites and flavours but I am fond of trying other nations cuisine too. I love tarts and cakes the most of all. In fact, I have studied foreign trade&catering of economics for hotels at the college, where my favourite subjects were like “food&beverages knowledge”,” catering&party service” and not just had we studied and understood all of the principles, we had had practical exercises too. Unlikely, we did not do cooking and baking exercises in those sessions though.

I am not a confectioner neither I have studied bakery ever before. I have possibly inherited this from my grandmother of this special hobby for baking and cooking. My granny was a great cook and had fantastic cakes and tarts too. She was baking cakes regularly for friends, wedding parties, relatives, neighbours and even for the whole family for special occasions too. I truly believe that she had made the best strudel in the world…

Although I have never seen a cook book or recipe in her hands during cooking, her cakes and cookies were always perfect shape and taste. Like all the other house women, she had proper cook books and recipes of course, some of them was written on a piece of paper but she was never using them. Unfortunately many of the cakes and tarts recipes were not written down. My granny knew them all by heart…

I have got a lovely present from her about 20 years ago, that was a kitchen scale and I was eager to copy her recipes from her collection and put down on paper those ones she had in her mind. I think that’s where my baking and cooking carrier was starting…

One of the very first cake, the one I have made, was for my daughter’s birthday party in 2005. It was relatively simple but it had high quality ingredients and very good taste which made it special, hence everybody liked it. This was motivating me to carry on developing my skills for making more complicated cakes. I have studied about cake making from books, articles in magazines, The Internet, TV-shows and I was experimenting doing to learn few tips and tricks about this area myself.

I’m sometimes getting ideas from toy shops or story books for making it on cakes too. I have found good quality sources to get accessories and ingredients for making and decorating cakes. I have also managed to increase my collection of special tools in doing so. I have got special cake baking books now. The best practise is however when I am making a cake myself and finding out the tricks in the middle of decorating it.

I have got very old, very new and own made recipes for cakes too. I enjoy when I am working on a piece of raw marzipan and forming flowers, story figures and popular 3D shapes. It is also fantastic that I can really free my mind to fly for making my imagination reality with using marzipan…I really like challenges for making a special scenes on cakes.

Unfortunately the pictures on my website are not reflecting the cakes real sizes and they are looking much more lively in real. It sounds hard as some of the challenging cake preparation could take up to 8 hours but I do not feel this a tough job for me, however it also helps me relaxing.

I have got plenty of new ideas for Xmas, New Year, Birthday parties, Weddings, Exotic and Special occasions and abstracts looking cakes making too. I am inspired and will create a special category of cakes for kids only using story figures soon…

The most important thing for me is quality, hence I am trying get the best ingredients and accessories when making a cake.

I would like to carry on expanding my collection. I also hope that it will allow me to develop my expertise to the highest degree for serving all needs in this challenging cake baking and decoration business. I wish that my cakes, tarts and all my cookies are going to be enjoyable as much as I am enjoying making them with great pleasure.

I do promise that I will add the “appropriate” ingredients to all of my cakes as well as all my hearts of enthusiasm.

Mrs Cakeland

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